Spring Maintenance

Here it is! Everything you need to know to get your boat or personal watercraft ready for the summer. This page will cover everything from superior cleaning products to details about marine engine tune ups. Visit often – helpful information will be added continuously.

Learn how to keep your canvas top
and vinyl windows looking
better and lasting longer! 

Step by step Instructions on how to paint
fiberglass on your boat. Interlux paint, mentioned
 in this helpful video, is avaialable at the Southwest
Marine Services store in Grand Bend, Ontario. 

An excellent video from Power
Boat Television to show you
how to service your Mercury
Outboard motor. 

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a multifunctional
 fuel additive that cures and prevents ethanol fuel 
problems. It allows all engines, from the smallest 2-stroke outboard to the largest mega yacht turbo diesel,
 start more easily and run more smoothly.
Available at Southwest Marines Services Store.
Aqua-Tek Marine Cleaning Products
Environmentally Friendly! Easy Clean is a multi-purpose cleaner that removes black streaks, bird droppings, dead bugs, scum, grime, grease & dirt. It is both biodegradable and phosphate free; safe for use in marinas, lakes and all waterways. Aqua-Tek products will not harm drainage and septic systems AND it will not damage manufacturer’s finish or remove waxes and polishes. Find it at the Southwest Marine Services Store, 70672 Bluewater Hwy, Grand Bend.

Here is some very helpful information on how to
lower your boating fuel costs this season.
Happy Boating!!!!